The RoboCom World Cup

The world's first competition for RoboCom 3.00 programmers. The place for you to submit your new programs and see if your newly-invented strategies using RC3 instructions can compete with the world's best. To participate, you'll need the new interpreter RoboCom Workshop version 3.00. Join it and have fun with the new RoboCom Workshop!


The Second League Competition

The right place for beginners and everyone else who doesn't make it to the Classic Competition's charts (yet). With the Second League we intend to give everybody a chance to hit the charts - under the same conditions as in the Classic Competition: Classic OptionSet, no RoboCom 3.00 features. Join!


Missingno.'s Competitions

To prevent his web server suffering from data hunger, Michael Hanig has kindly accepted to run the Next Generation (R) of the popular Eternal Competition.
He also hosts special competitions with non-standard option sets.
Browse to the competitions or submit programs to the Alternate Competition.
Want to join the Eternal World Cup? Submit your program to the World Cup then. As soon as Michael's server has time, it'll be thrown in.


The Classic Competition

Originally started for the "Fönster mot Europa" event in Stockholm, the Classic Competition was carried on afterwards. It developed to be THE international RoboCom competition with over 500 uploads from all over the world. The Classic Competition is no longer open. If you want to submit new programs, you will probably prefer to submit them into the "World Cup" instead. .


The Eternal Competition

Using the fast RoboTour interpreter, Martin Trautmann has set up a server to simulate an "eternal" competition. The aim: to let every program ever submitted to the Classic Competition play against ALL other programs. It is obvious, that this requires millions of simulations.

Here it is: the Eternal Competition! Over four billion simulation cycles have been executed!


The WDR ComputerNacht Competition

RoboCom was in Paderborn for the TV show "WDR ComputerNacht". Especially for this event, we launched a competition with prizes worth $400. We were using a different configuration, to give newbies better chances. Since this competition is over now, you cannot take part, but you can view the results and download all the programs.